About Us

About Our Company

In 1891, Altoona Pipe and Steel began as a scrap facility with one horse and one cart. After five generations of leadership, we have grown to include service center sales in both steel and pipe, fabrication and railcar repair. In the 1960's we moved our main operation to it's current location, the site of the old Pennsylvania railroad locomotive shops in the heart of Altoona,PA.

Continuing to build, the company added a satellite operation in 1965 at Cumberland, MD while consistently increasing its facilities in Altoona. In 2012, the company remains strongly committed to its customers, its employees, and the community.                                        

 Mission Statement 

Altoona Pipe and Steel Supply Company, Cumberland Pipe and Steel Supply Company, and Altoona Railcar Repair recognize that the two most important assets are our employees and customers. Without motivated, dedicated, and responsible employees, it would be impossible to deliver high quality merchandise and services to our customers. Without our customers we lack the opportunities to provide a rewarding working environment for our employees.

Therefore, Altoona Pipe and Steel Supply Company, Cumberland Pipe and Steel Supply Company, and Altoona Railcar Repair desire to nurture the development of our diversified operation and continue to provide caring attention to our customers and employees and build our future together so that our customers, employees and community will benefit from our successful endeavors. Since 1891, we have been building a lot more than structures, we build relationships.