Since the 1920s, the Fabrication Division at Altoona Pipe and Steel has been one of the foremost fabricators of Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals in Central Pennsylvania. Throughout our eight decades of service to the region, we have built a strong base of successful projects and satisfied clients. Everywhere you look in our market area, you'll see structures supported by steel fabricated at Altoona Pipe and Steel.

The Fabrication Division's ability to provide our clients with quality products and services is directly attributed to our people. To build a quality organization top to bottom, we have assembled the best, most experienced people for each phase of our business. Our office staff has well over a hundred years of service. Four of them have over thirty years of experience in the Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication industry. Our shop employees are equally experienced. With well over one hundred and thirty years of fabricating knowledge, our shop workers produce unparalleled quality craftsmanship. Armed with multitudes of experience, the Fabrication Division is ready to satisfy our client's needs, and do it right.

Altoona Pipe and Steel's Fabrication Division is committed to customer service and satisfaction. Over the years, we have developed solid relationships with all of the General Contractors in our area. General Contractors and other prospective customers prefer Altoona Pipe and Steel for several reasons. We provide them with competitive, consistent pricing, a wealth of experience and knowledge, integrity and ethics, open lines of communication, quality products and services and personable professionalism. Whether we've known them for decades or just met them ten minutes ago, the Fabrication Division strives to satisfy all of our customer's requirements. We build a lot more than structures - we build relationships.

At Altoona Pipe and Steel we are proud of our fabrication history and value the many relationships made along the way. In the early days, we did much of our business on nothing more than a handshake. Today's business climate requires a great deal of official paperwork, although we still prefer to keep that handshake spirit alive. Much has changed over our eight decades in business, but one thing never will: The strong values that built Altoona Pipe and Steel into one of the largest and most successful Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals Fabricators in Central Pennsylvania.

Our Fabrication Team provides a full range of services in the structural steel and miscellaneous metal fields of construction. Our work includes the full scale fabrication of structural steel for buildings and bridges (beams, columns, bracing girts, sag rods, trusses, anchor bolts, bearing plates, lintels, crane runways and roof frames). We also provide customized pre-assembled parts for several original equipment manufacturers. We have supplied joist deck, and erection for jobs such as hotels, department stores, federal buildings, churches, schools, college facilities, office buildings, grocery stores and state buildings. We try to tailor our business to suit the needs of our customers.